Karawang Sentra BizHub (KSB) is located 46 Km East of Jakarta, an areal of 45 hectare situated at Karawang Barat. KSB is an Integrated Industrial and Warehouse Cluster, combining clean industrial space with hotel facilities for meetings and entertainment. The location is only 5 Km from Karawang Barat Exit Toll.

KSB offers an ideal business space which is equipped with production and office area to cater to the needs of various industries such as automotive, electronic, machinery, food & beverages, printing & packaging, mould & dies, warehouse, service center, workshop, and many more.


  • Wide roads with green parks landscaping
  • Large drainage networks
  • Strategic Location, 46 Km East Jakarta
  • Between a Large Industrial Estate
  • At The center of business and lifestyle (Hotel, Mall, Office, Golf and Country Club)
  • Cluster System ( One way in / 24 Hour Security)
  • Near of Police and Military Resort
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